Wounded Heroes

Wounded Heroes Association is a national community organisation doing whatever it takes to provide support to Australian servicemen and women and their families, to ease the financial, emotional and personal hardships of contemporary military life.
Wounded Heroes

About Wounded Heroes

Wounded Heroes Australia is a national community organisation founded in 2007 to support Australian servicemen, women, and their families. The organisation recognises contemporary military life’s financial, emotional, and personal challenges.

Their primary objective is to provide support services for deployed personnel, especially wounded ones, and their families. This support often takes the form of short-term emergency relief payments, but the organisation also allocates funds for other purposes where there’s a demonstrated need.

The inception of Wounded Heroes was driven by the desire to assist the brave individuals of the Australian Defence Force, many of whom bear visible and invisible scars from their service.

Whether they served in the Middle East, Iraq, Afghanistan, Timor Leste, or other regions, these military personnel have showcased unwavering dedication to their duty. A concerning statistic reveals that 48.4% of veterans discharged from the Defence Force face mental health issues within their first year.

Wounded Heroes offers assistance from necessities like food, fuel, and rent to solving more complex or ongoing issues. The organisation emphasises the sacrifices these servicemen and women make who selflessly answer the call of duty.

Behind each individual stands a supportive family, enduring the challenges of their loved one’s absence or recovery after operations. Wounded Heroes believes that Australia owes a profound gratitude to these military personnel and their families for their invaluable service.

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