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We take the fuss out of recruiting and employment. Hiring a trainee or apprentice is a cost effective, community courteous and culture growing option for you company.

What are apprenticeships and traineeships?

Apprenticeships and traineeships combine theory-based learning with hands-on practical experience in a real working environment. Apprentices and trainees work towards completion of a nationally recognised qualification while gaining valuable and transferable skills in their chosen industry under the supervision and guidance of a registered training organisation. The apprentice/trainee is able to earn while they learn, receiving a wage for their completed hours of work.


Apprentices are trained in a skilled trade, for example; cookery, hairdressing, electrical, plumbing etc. Apprenticeships normally take 3-4 years to complete, once they have successfully completed, they become a qualified tradesperson.


Trainees are trained in vocational areas such as; business, tourism, hospitality, information technology and many more. Typically, a traineeship will take 12 months – 24 months to complete. Upon successful completion, they will receive a nationally recognised qualification in the industry they chose.


Apprenticeships and traineeships can be full-time, part-time or school based (in which the trainee/apprentice undertakes the qualification while still attending high school). An employer may also decide to put a current employee through an apprenticeship or traineeship.

Why would I need an apprentice or trainee?

For over 10 years we have partnered with some incredible and successful organisations in Queensland. All of these companies have had a similar issue, they needed tasks to be done that aren’t being done. Typically, a company would identify this issue and recruit. Instead of recruiting a ‘classic’ employee, why not employee a trainee or apprentice, allowing the company to inject new talent and shaping them to the needs and culture of the company with support from a training organisation.


Prestige Staffing Solutions are the legal employer and we take the leg work out of the recruitment process. We advertise, interview and shortlist on your behalf. We pride ourselves on finding the right fit for our partners, ensuring longevity for both parties.

What’s the benefit for me?

We make it simple.


What we can do for you, as the legal employer we;

  • Advertise
  • Interview
  • Recruit
  • Pay the apprentice/trainee
  • Pay the fee for training
  • Supply the education and arrange a trainer to mentor them to the theory completion as well as practical training
  • Look after all administration and paperwork including:
    • Payroll
    • Superannuation
    • Taxes
    • Contracts and legal documents
    • Leave entitlements
    • Insurances
    • Workcover
  • Support the employer and apprentice/trainee by managing work performance, regular workplace visits, resolve any issues


What’s there left for you to do;

  • Host the trainee/apprentice in your workplace
  • Provide them a safe and supportive work environment
  • On the job coaching and mentoring
  • Pay the invoice sent to you by our accounts team
  • Focus on growing your business and culture

How much does it cost?

The cost to employ an apprentice or trainee varies depending on if they have completed high school, the relevant industry award, allowances and the number of years the apprentice has already completed.


Prestige Staffing Solutions is a not-for-profit company with all profits reinvested into the company, allowing us to create more opportunities for the young people and disengaged youth of Australia.

How am I charged?

We bill you weekly but we can be flexible to suit your company’s needs.

How long will I have the trainee/apprentice?

Ultimately, we would like for the trainee/apprentice to stay on after their qualification. We pride ourselves on completing career pathways with longevity for both employer and trainee/apprentice.


  • Full-time trainee = up to 12-24 months (38 hours a week)
  • Part-time trainee = up to 24 months (15 hours a week)
  • School based trainee = 12-24 months (1 working day per week)
  • Full-time apprentice = up to 3-4 years (depending on trade)

How It Works

1. You get to choose

From a selection of pre-screened, highly motivated students.

2. Affordable employee solution

We bill you weekly at a very competitive price

3. Benefit the community

Your influence and skills will help shape the future of Australia’s workforce

4. Improve workplace productivity

Teach your trainee/apprentice your way and inspire existing staff

5. We do ALL the paperwork

We recruit, interview, employ, pay and manage ALL the paperwork

6. Effort required

You provide the hands-on experience only

7. Boost your team

With young people who are excited to be part of your skilled workforce

8. Support

We provide expert trainers are always here to help

9. Invest in the future of YOUR business

Upskill your employees, and you’re potentially training the future manager of your business

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