Self Employment Assistance

Business Startup Support

Prestige Staffing Solutions provides government-funded entrepreneurship programs to create self-employment opportunities. Our team is here to help you:

  • Access government-funded training
  • Access ongoing mentorship and guidance
  • Access the tools for business success!
  • Access Self-Employment Workshops

Located across South Brisbane and Sunshine Coast/Bundaberg. We would love to help you too.

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The Self Employment Assistance Program is Federally Funded with eligibility criteria to get started (and ongoing).

Self Employment Assistance

Ready to take your self-employment opportunity by the horns?

If you’re an eligible candidate, Self-Employment Assistance provides you with business training (including Self-Employment Workshops), mentoring, education, and potentially income support while you get your business idea off the ground.


What is Self Employment Assistance and how can it help me?

Self Employment Assistance is a government initiative to help budding entrepreneurs, who meet the Self Employment Assistance program eligibility, get their business idea off the ground.

When you apply for Self Employment Assistance through Prestige Staffing Solutions, we help you with the application process, and provide access to ongoing training, support, and mentoring as you establish your business.

What does Prestige Staffing Solutions Do?

We believe that self-employment and entrepreneurship are truly empowering. Our goal is to help you achieve your true potential while creating lasting employment for yourself and others.

What do I get?

When you become a Prestige Staffing Solutions participant you’ll receive:

  • Business Development Guidance to help you clarify your business ideas and objectives during your Self Employment Assistance journey.
  • Relevant business training delivered over 3 weeks.
  • Help to develop your business plan and a two-year financial forecast.
  • Access to our expert business coaches who will share knowledge and deliver meaningful mentoring through those critical first twelve months of your business.
  • Access our Self-Employment Workshops.
  • The opportunity to complete accredited small business training with up to 39 weeks Self Employment Assistance allowance and 26 weeks Self Employment Assistance Rental Assistance for eligible participants.*

Am I Eligible?

Before Completing a Self Employment Assistance application, you’ll need to check the eligibility conditions below to see if you, or your business, can apply for the Self Employment Assistance program.

Personal Eligibility

Individuals who apply for Self Employment Assistance must:

  • be at least 15 years of age when they commence Self Employment Assistance Assistance
  • be available to participate in Self Employment Assistance Training and work the required hours in the proposed Self Employment Assistance Business
  • be eligible to work in Australia
  • not be an overseas visitor on a working holiday visa or an overseas student studying in Australia
  • not be an undischarged bankrupt
  • not already be in education and/or employment for more than 25 hours per week
  • meet any additional eligibility criteria specific to the Service(s) which they have chosen
  • Transition to Work participants are only eligible to access Exploring Self-Employment Workshops

Special Eligibility Cohort

People who are employed for more than 25 hours per week may still be Eligible if they belong to a Special Eligibility Cohort

  • Retrenched workers
  • Veterans; and
  • Family members of serving Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel

Business Eligibility

The business you want to establish with Self Employment Assistance  must:

  • is either:
    • a new business, or
    • a business which is operated by an Eligible Business Owner
  • has an independent business structure
  • is lawful and capable of withstanding public scrutiny
  • will be, or is, established, located and operated solely within Australia, and
  • will be, or is, structured so the Participant has and will maintain a controlling interest over the business throughout the duration of the Participant’s time accessing the Services.

Are you a job seeker and not receiving welfare payments?

Even if you’re not receiving welfare payments, you can still access the same training and mentoring support to help you start your own business.

Provided you’re not currently studying, you can receive free accredited training in small business and 12 months of business advice and mentoring.

However, you won’t be eligible to receive ongoing income support through the Self Employment Assistance allowance.

Income Support

Serving ADF veterans with a confirmed future transition date are Eligible to access Self-Employment Assistance regardless of how many hours per week they are employed. A veteran’s ‘transition date’ is the date they will exit the ADF. Once a veteran exits the ADF, they may be eligible to access any Self-Employment Assistance Service.

The Self Employment Assistance allowance is available for up to 39 weeks. You may also be eligible to receive Self Employment Assistance Rental Assistance for up to 26 weeks. 

For more information about how to apply for the Self Employment Assistance program or to discuss your eligibility, get in touch with our prestige Staffing Solutions consultants for a chat.  

Join a free online Self Employment Assistance information session

 Attend a live Self Employment Assistance info session to ask questions and learn;

  • How Self Employment Assistance works
  • What you can expect from New Business Assistance with Self Employment Assistance
  • What business ideas are eligible
  • How we help get you started
  • Self-Employment Workshops

The Self Employment Assistance information sessions run for 30 minutes via Teams. Click the button below to go to the event registration page.

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How does it work?

If you feel you have a good business idea and would like to benefit from the Self Employment Assistance program, simply:

  1. Click here to complete our online application form.
  2. After receipt of your application, we’ll review your eligibility, and if you are eligible contact you to undertake a Business Feasibility Assessment. We will then let you know if you have been accepted to receive Self-Employment Assistance training.
  3. You’ll then be enrolled and commence training where you’ll gain the knowledge to set up and run your own small business.  During the course, you’ll also receive assistance to develop your business plan.
  4. Your completed plan will be assessed for viability in several key areas such as industry knowledge, qualifications, premises, funding, cash flow, and marketing.
  5. You’ll also be provided with free business mentoring support and guidance for the first twelve months of your business operation.