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May 2024
Michelle and Erika might run totally different businesses on the Sunshine Coast, but both applaud and share common, positive thoughts about the Self-Employment Assistance program.
Erika brings yoga to kids, and Michelle crafts vibrant, lively websites and branding.
Listen in as they provide answers to several frequently asked questions we get asked by Entrepreneurs and those new to the program.
To find out more about their business ventures please visit…
Kids Yoga with Erika…
Yours and Ours Studio…
Michelle and Erika are active participants on our Federally Funded* Self- Employment Assistance Program.
For further details call us on 1300 433 029 
*eligibility criteria apply

Trade Taste Tester Day

March 2024

Welcome to our innovative approach to the job application process – the Trade Tester Day.

In a world where traditional interviews can be limited in scope and depth, our program seeks to revolutionize the experience for both job seekers and employers alike.

Gone are the days of one-on-one interactions that leave lingering uncertainties. Instead, we invite a diverse array of applicants to explore numerous potential employers in a variety of working environments.

At the heart of the Trade Tester Day is the recognition that true understanding of a job and its fit goes beyond the confines of a simple interview room. By immersing candidates in the day-to-day realities of various workplaces, we provide a unique opportunity for them to gain firsthand insight into their potential future roles.

Likewise, employers benefit from observing candidates in real-world scenarios, allowing for more informed hiring decisions.

Through this program, we aim to foster authentic connections between job seekers and employers, facilitating a more transparent and productive recruitment process.

The Trade Tester Day isn’t just about finding a job; it’s about finding the right fit for both parties, ensuring mutual success and satisfaction in the workplace.

Join us as we redefine the path to employment, one immersive experience at a time.

Driven. Determined. Enthusiastic! 🌟

March 2024

Driven. Determined. Enthusiastic!

These words describe Thomas perfectly. He recently gave us a tour of his land, where he’s lived since he was 4 years old. He even showed us a rainforest he helped plant as a child. 🌳💚

With help from his Self Employment Assistance Mentor, Thomas is starting a small business focused on conservation. The Self Employment Assistance program gives him the business skills and support he needs through regular mentoring, networking, and accountability sessions.

We’re excited to see where Thomas’s journey takes him and can’t wait to check in with him again. You inspire us, Thomas! 🌿✨

The Self Employment Assistance Program is Federally Funded with entry and ongoing eligibility criteria.

Stepping Out in Style

February 2024

In the Business for Heroes Program, our students do many exciting activities! But, the fashion parade at the graduation ceremony isn’t usually their favourite. 👗✨

So why include it?

It’s a personal challenge. Throughout the 20-week program, students build confidence and learn to push their boundaries. They find comfort in a space they never thought they would.

And even on one of the hottest and most humid days of 2024, it’s a lot of fun!

As we said goodbye to the 3rd group of students, we reminded them that we are still here to support them in finding employment opportunities.

We are grateful to have Trainers, Volunteers, Managers, local MPs, and other dignitaries cheer them on, both on the runway and in their job search. 💼🌟

Saddle Up!

January 2024

See the transformation of our third Business For Heroes class!

Can you believe the incredible journey our students have had over the last 20 weeks? They’ve worked hard, gained new skills, and are now ready for the job market.

Check out the amazing projects they’ve completed and see how they’ve prepared to be job-ready.

If you’re an employer looking for reliable staff with proven attendance, give us a call at 1300 423 029.



Graduation Reel

December 2023

Promoting a culture of ongoing success.

Celebration – we find, not only boosts morale but also fosters a positive environment, motivating people to continue their efforts.

It creates a sense of accomplishment, reinforcing the significance of the journey and promoting a culture of ongoing success.

In this, our last in a series of 3 videos featuring our 2023 hospitality students, we take a brief look at how they reached their graduation day and how we thoroughly enjoyed sharing their success with them.

Go Team!

The other videos in this series can be found using the links below

Part 1 – Looking Back 

Part 2 – Stocks, Sauces and Placements


Skilling Queenslanders For Work

November 2023

“I just want to work.” Bailey – May 2023

Listen in to hear how a full-time job has changed Bailey’s outlook and his life.

Even his little dog appreciates the change!


Skilling Queenslanders For Work

October 2023

It’s been an inspiring experience for those of us in the Prestige Team witnessing the steady growth of our students as many of them learnt how to deal with their inherent fear of large horses.


Many would never have believed that within 4 sessions they would be able to holster, lead, handle and medicate these animals.


As their Equine program came to an end, we share in this video some of the key moments and activities that show these as they happened – straight from the horse’s mouth!


Skilling Queenslanders For Work


October 2023

After working through Forming and Storming (the first two stages of group dynamics originally recognized and identified in Tuckman’s theory), it’s been inspiring to see real evidence of growth as the group moves through the Norming stage and begins to excel in the Performing stage.
No doubt that some of the people they meet in their everyday work at The Wounded Heroes, and the issues they face, help accelerate their growth and appreciation of the chance this program offers them. The reality of life for others they meet can be sobering and, at times, confronting.

Self-Employment Assistance


September 2023

We met with 3 small business owners on the Sunshine Coast and asked them for their feedback on the Self-Employment Assistance program.
If you have questions about the program this short video will answer lots of them for you. 

Skilling Queenslanders For Work


September 2023

In partnership with The Wounded Heroes Centre in Ipswich and TAFE Queensland The Business For Heroes course that we are running involves participants undertaking a BSB10120 – Certificate I in Workplace Skills with the Registered Training Organisation (RTO), TAFE Queensland (Code 0275).

The skills taught and practised extensively in this course include …

– Interacting with customers, co-workers, and volunteers

– Working in a team environment – Job Ready skills (job applications/resume creation) &

– Time Management – Creating and maintaining a positive outlook.

Joining us early in September 2023, our current intake shared some of their early thoughts about the program.

If you would like to talk to us about our next intake please call us on 1300 423 029

Workforce Australia - Local Jobs


August 2023

All our dreams came true!
The satisfaction we feel when the work we carry out to select, prepare and place candidates in jobs that have meaning, add significant value to their lives and ultimately, transform their outlook – makes every step in the process so very worthwhile.
In this video, we witness the inspiring journey of Firewoyni as she embraces success and happiness in her new role.
Where Firewoyni’s language barrier presented challenges, her sheer determination and tenacity overcame them!
We pass on our sincere thanks to the organisations tagged below that played their part in helping to make this all possible and to the
From the whole team here are Prestige Staffing Solutions – we pass on our best wishes to Firewoyni and her family.

Skilling Queenslanders For Work


July 2023

In partnership with The Wounded Heroes Centre in Ipswich and TAFE Queensland The Business For Heroes course that we are running involves participants undertaking a BSB10120 – Certificate I in Workplace Skills with the Registered Training Organisation (RTO), TAFE Queensland (Code 0275).

The skills taught and practised extensively on this course include …

– Interacting with customers, co-workers, and volunteers

– Working in a team environment – Job Ready skills (job applications/resume creation)

– Time Management – Creating and maintaining a positive outlook.

Our current intake celebrated their graduation on 14th July and we captured this video of the event.

If you would like to talk to us about our next intake please call us on 1300 423 029

Self-Employment Assistance

Driving Barnyard Harmony!
June 2023
Barnyard Harmony!
Recently – Madewell Events Co. hosted its launch event – quirky Goat Yoga – at Terella Brewing in North Arm.
The event was full to capacity and featured traditional yoga accompanied by the mischievous presence of a small bunch of inquisitive Goats.
These rescued Goats call the Terella Farmyard home, and were the highlight of the show creating stacks of barnyard harmony!
Owner Amber – who is part of the Self-Employment Assistance program we manage on the Sunshine Coast, is busy lining up more events following Madewell’s inspiring vision to …
“Create good times on the Sunshine Coast, developing one-of-a-kind concepts, collaborating with locally owned businesses and delivering premium events to our clients”.
To discuss your idea for an event with a unique difference – contact Amber at Madewell Events Co.
To find out more about the Self-Employment Assistance initiative call our office on 1300 423 029.

Skilling Queenslanders For Work


June 2023

We are very close to celebrating the graduation of our 2023 intake on the Business For Heroes course.

This course leads to a BSB10120 – Certificate I in Workplace Skills and is designed specifically to assist Queenslanders into (or back into) the workforce.

The student graduation ceremony on 14th July 09:00 at The Wounded Heroes in Ipswich.

To find out more about this course and more

please call us on 1300 423 029

"Now - I Have A Weekend"

The Wounded Heroes Skilling Queenslanders For Work


June 2023

We asked Bailey, “What is the best thing about the Business For Heroes program” he is currently attending? 

Without hesitation, he replied: “I now get to have a weekend”.

Bailey told us before the program, each day just merged into the next, there was very little happening and “every day was like a weekend day.”

The Business For Heroes program at The Wounded Heroes Centre in Ipswich is a Queensland Government initiative – Skilling Queenslanders For Work. The program gives Bailey a chance to put into practice the newfound skills he has gained through his work placement. Work placement at the centre involves:

– Meeting and interacting with customers, co-workers and volunteers.

– Working in a team environment.

– Unloading and sorting incoming donations, and Various other customer-focused tasks.

Sue is the local program coordinator. She recognises the program’s value by giving Queenslanders from all walks of life the opportunity to get into work, or back to work. At the same time, the program leads to a BSB10120 – Certificate I in Workplace Skills.

The Ipswich Centre values the helping hand the students provide. They assist with all the tasks associated with continually raising funds to support Australia’s Wounded Heroes – allowing the staff to achieve more and help more lives.  

Bailey and his colleagues will complete their 20-week program very soon. In conjunction with the team at the Wounded Heroes – we welcome and invite anyone wishing to show their support for this group of people. A Graduation Ceremony will be held at the Wounded Heroes Centre in Ipswich on 14th July starting at 09:30 am.

We Are
"Call Ready"

June 2023

Meet Chief Of Everything

May 2023
Clever Little Schmidt creates brands and websites that you can’t wait to show off.
COE (Chief of Everything) Abby, puts the fun in functional, with the goal to elevate your business by crafting your brand and/or website to be cohesive, consistent and crazy-good.
Abby explains things in a way you can understand, with minimal jargon, and empowers you to be as involved as much (or as little) as you want, or need, to be.
Abby has more than 15 years of experience working across design and marketing, both in Australia and internationally, and couldn’t be happier to use that experience to put a super happy smile on her clients’ faces.

Graduation Highlights
Certificate I in Automation Technologies


May 2023

To all the amazing graduates of our short program

Certificate I in Automation Technologies (AUR10120).

We’re thrilled to announce that you’ve successfully completed your journey with us. 🎓🎉

It’s a moment to celebrate your hard work, dedication, and the incredible growth you’ve achieved in such a short time.

We celebrate and embrace your achievements along with the exciting possibilities that lie ahead!