Queensland Venue Co

Australian Venue Co. owns & operates the country’s best loved pubs, bars & event spaces. From landmark institutions to humble locals, you will find our venues in cities, suburbs & regional towns across Australia.
Queensland Venue Co

Queensland Venue Co. Pty Ltd

Australian Venue Co. (AVC) is a prominent name in the hospitality sector, operating a diverse range of beloved pubs, bars, and venues nationwide. Despite being a large group with over 200 venues from coast to coast, AVC prides itself on its local-first approach. This means that while they benefit from the specialist support of a centralized head office, each venue is tailored to its local market, from menus and customer service to events and design.

AVC’s commitment to authenticity ensures that no two venues are identical. However, they all share core values, emphasizing exceptional customer experiences, unbeatable value, and maintaining high-quality standards. The company is on a mission to transform the hospitality landscape in Australia and New Zealand, revitalizing historic pubs, enhancing existing bars, and introducing innovative technology to bring the classic Aussie pub into the future.

Employing over 8,300 individuals, AVC is not just about business; it’s about community. Their venues actively participate in local initiatives, with over 100 active sports clubs and charity sponsorships nationwide. They also engage in national fundraising campaigns, especially during times of need.

The team at AVC is its backbone. From executive chefs and venue managers to bartenders and floor staff, every member plays a crucial role in delivering memorable customer experiences. The executive team brings a mix of operational and strategic expertise, merging corporate efficiencies with the hospitality industry’s nuances.

AVC is also conscious of its societal responsibilities, focusing on sustainability improvements, charity programs, and fundraisers to positively impact people, pubs, and the planet. They operate in Australia and have a presence in New Zealand through their sub-division, New Zealand Venue Co.

In a gesture of inclusivity and respect, Australian Venue Co. acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the country and emphasizes creating a space free from discrimination, welcoming everyone irrespective of their culture, gender, age, or other identities.

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