St Benedicts College

We are a co-educational Catholic secondary College administered by Brisbane Catholic Education. Our motto “In Omnibus Deus”, Latin for “God in All Things” underpins all that we do and the way that we do it.
St Benedicts College

About St Benedicts College

St Benedict’s College is a beacon of holistic education, deeply rooted in the Benedictine tradition. The institution is steadfastly guided by core values encompassing service, hard work, humility, stewardship, balance, and community. Drawing inspiration from Christ’s teachings, the college emphasises inclusivity, perseverance, and celebrating each individual’s unique gifts and talents.

At the heart of St Benedict’s College is its commitment to offering a high-calibre, contemporary education within Catholic Christian principles. The college’s mission extends beyond academic excellence; it aims to mould students into lifelong learners who are confident, creative, informed, and active citizens. These individuals have the skills and values to contribute meaningfully to their communities and the broader world.

St Benedict’s College has a clear vision for its students and staff. It seeks individuals who embody the spirit of positive leadership, characterised by proactivity and diligence. The college specialises on balance, community, and service, urging its members to lead by example in these domains. St Benedict’s College is more than just an educational institution; it’s a nurturing community that prepares its students for a life of purpose, service, and leadership.

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