Heavy Automatics

Heavy Automatics is Australia’s Allison transmissions specialist. Established in 1990, we have workshops and dealerships in most of Australia’s major cities.
Heavy Automatics

About Heavy Automatics

Heavy Automatics stands as Australia’s premier specialist in Allison transmissions. Founded in 1990, the company has expanded its presence with workshops and dealerships across many of Australia’s key cities. The primary mission of Heavy Automatics is to ensure that vehicles and their drivers are promptly back on the road, recognising the critical importance of operational vehicles to businesses and individual livelihoods.

The company’s strength lies in its dedicated team. Heavy Automatics takes pride in having the most knowledgeable team in Australia regarding heavy vehicle transmissions. This expertise is a culmination of rigorous training and extensive on-the-job experience. Their longest-serving team member has dedicated over 26 years to the company, a testament to its commitment to its staff and the industry.

Quality, professionalism, and personalised service are the pillars of Heavy Automatics. Their unmatched speed of delivery further cements their reputation as Australia’s most trusted transmissions specialist. The company offers solutions for various vehicles, including trucks, rubbish trucks, cranes, buses, emergency equipment, and earthmoving machinery.

For anyone seeking reliable transmission solutions and services, Heavy Automatics is the go-to expert, always ready to assist and ensure vehicles remain operational.

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