Southport State High School

Southport State High School a centre for secondary education that is focused on personal excellence for all students.
Southport State High School

About Southport State High School

Southport State High School is a beacon of secondary education, deeply committed to fostering personal excellence in every student. With a rich history, the school is renowned for its nurturing and supportive community, ensuring that all students receive top-tier educational training and opportunities.

The ethos of Southport State High School revolves around creating a relational environment where the pursuit of personal excellence is paramount. The school offers diverse programs, allowing students to be challenged, find their unique pathways, and achieve success. Leadership and personal growth are nurtured alongside academic, artistic, technical, and sporting endeavours, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience.

The school’s curriculum, coupled with its dedicated staff, creates a learning environment where students are not only geared towards academic success but are also instilled with values of responsibility, thoughtfulness, honesty, respect, and confidence.

Unique to Southport State High School is its robust ties with businesses, universities, and community partners. These connections offer students unparalleled opportunities and pathways, enriching their education with real-world experiences and a sense of connectedness.

The school’s success is founded on the positive relationships fostered between parents, students, and teachers. This triad creates a supportive learning environment, emphasizing respect and fostering happiness, care, and ambition in students. This approach ensures students lead balanced lives grounded in values and aspirations.

Southport State High School welcomes all to its community, where every student is believed to have the potential to thrive and excel. The school expresses gratitude to parents for entrusting them with the invaluable task of educating their children.

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