Rhiannon De Elton

Rhiannon has always been an author and loves nothing more than to share her writing and stories with people.
Rhiannon De Elton

About Rhiannon De Elton

Rhiannon D. Elton is a passionate author who delves deep into the realms of mystery and magic. As the fantasy detective author of the Wolflock Cases series, she crafts tales that transport readers into enchanting worlds. Rhiannon’s journey into the fantastical began in her childhood, where she was nurtured by tales of fairies and wizards, instilling in her a profound love for storytelling. Her experiences as a Dungeon Master and an avid game player further enrich her narratives, allowing readers to immerse themselves in magical realms.

Beyond her written works, Rhiannon is a fervent advocate for the arts and an inspiration to budding writers. She is the driving force behind the Logan Writers Festival, a platform that unites writers, artists, and creatives from diverse backgrounds. As the President of the Logan Chamber of Commerce, she leverages her position to champion creativity, community growth, and unity.

Rhiannon’s connection to her fictional world, Pelaia, is profound. It serves as a sanctuary, a place where the challenges and pains of the real world find resolution and healing. Through her stories, she aims to convey messages of love, adventure, compassion, and kindness, offering readers solace and hope.

In addition to her books, Rhiannon maintains a blog where she shares insights, reflections, and personal experiences, providing a deeper look into her creative mind.

Rhiannon D. Elton’s vision extends beyond her writings. She aspires to establish a community where artists can come together to celebrate the wonders of Pelaia and its myriad offerings.

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